Sunday, June 15, 2014

First Show of 2014

We went to our first horse show of 2014 this weekend. Had a great time and Brykn is riding better and better. I had a few people tell me how much "better" he had gotten since last year. My response? "Well, it makes a huge difference when your feet go past the saddle pad."

Click the link for the video. Great job, Brykn!

2014 Farmington IRHA Show--Short Stirrup Class

8? Really? How did he get to be 8?

Happy Birthday to Brykn! I can't believe you are 8 years old. Where did time go. About 2 months ago, Brykn and I were holding hands (something we hadn't done in awhile--big kids don't hold their mom's hand, you know) and walking into a store. I distinctly remember thinking, "I need to cherish this feeling--the feeling of his hand in mine." Since that time, every chance I get, I grab his hand. And, lucky for me, he has been more and more willing to hold my hand.

I'm so proud to be your mom, Brykn. And, while I don't know where the last 8 years has gone, I am thankful for each and every day. When I look at you, I see your dad. I see dreams, aspirations, innocence, curiosity, love, and the future. I see a kid who will most definitely change the world--for the better. I see a kid who holds my heart. I see love.

Hugs and kisses, Brykn. I love you more than anything in the whole entire world.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wrestler Kid

This past year Brykn started wrestling. Everyone has been really surprised at just how naturally talented he is. I never dreamed I'd be a wrestler's mom....but I am--and VERY proud one at that! My t-shirt says, "My wrestler pinned your honor student." When Brykn asked what an honor student was, I told him it was someone who was good at school. Then, Brandon had to jump in quick and tell Brykn that it would really be best if he were both a good wrestler and an honor student.

I try very hard to be a calm, relaxed wrestler mom...but I'm just not. It's very hard to watch your child fight with everything they've got. At the first tournament, I really wanted to just rip Brykn's opponent's arms off. Brandon had to remind me that just across the mat that kid had a very nice family who wanted their child to do well just as bad as we wanted ours to. Now, that is a really good and rational thought...but it didn't do too much for my emotions. Once the match started again, the protective, "don't hurt my child or I will mess you up, Buddy" thoughts came rushing back.

I'm not sure why I get so nervous. Check out some of these winner photos! And, the "Wrestler of the Week" following the Christy's Clash tournament.(The photo of him on the podium.)

This is Jay--one of Brykn's favorite coaches.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

She's a Graduate!

Reciting "The 3 Little Kittens," Harlee's preschool graduation was a hit. She looked so stinking cute! Buying a dress for the big event was very important to her and we tried on every Size 4 dress Kohl's had--even though she chose the black/white/pink dress from the second she saw it. At this point, I really wish we could send her right to kindergarten. She's got the ABC's down pat, she can count to about 25, she can write her first name, and she can read a few sight words. In other words, she's ready. But, we have one more year...until she's old enough. That's okay--that just means one more preschool graduation!

Be sure to notice the expert posing here in these photos. I'm not sure where she learned this, but getting the hand on hip pose is an absolute MUST in Harlee's eyes. :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The First Buckle

A VERY important milestone in any cowboy's life is winning that first buckle. Brykn has wanted to win a buckle so bad for the past couple years. And, believe me, he's put in so much work with his trusty horse, Rio, that he deserves it!

This year at the IRHA banquet, all the kids in the Short Stirrups class received a very nice buckle that was sponsored by their parents. Brykn had no idea he was getting an award. When they said his name and I told him he won something and to head to the stage, I thought he was going to pass out! After the shocked look on his face, an ear-to-ear grin emerged! So, so fun!

It didn't take but 2 seconds for him to have the old buckle off his belt and the new one on it! He was so proud--and I love watching that.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Kids say the funniest things! Last night I was standing in the kitchen stirring some soup on the stove top when Brandon came in and starting hugging me. Because I was trying to stir the soup and get things done for dinner, I told him to move and wait for a minute. That's when Harlee piped up and said, "Mom, Dad's trying to marry you!" Oh man, we laughed and laughed! So funny!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hunting Success!

The mighty hunters are at it again! Brykn absolutely loves going with the guys. In fact, when I start asking too many detailed questions, all he says is, "Mom, Dad told me that what happens on the mountain, stays on the mountain." Geez--thanks.

In all seriousness, I love that they bond during that hunting time. I'm sure they do all that gross boy stuff (Harlee says they are stinky), but I'm so glad they go together and have such a wonderful time together. Harlee and I do fun stuff too--you, retail therapy. And, dang, we are good at it! This time we also hit the Tree House Museam where we met a puppet named "Grork," milked a cow, and had a great time!

This year's buck was a small one, but a pretty one. When Brykn called me from the mountain he could hardly get the words out fast enough! We gave the meat away, but I'm hearing the horns are for keeps. :)

Ick! Look at the blood on those pants! Brykn was SO proud of that...EW!